Amateur Radio since 1986 (thanks to my dad I2AGR who teached me everything) i was always attracted by any kind of ham communication both classic and hi-tech communications. So you can find me active either on HF and on VHF & Up on any mode.

Trying to collect many qsl card from anywhere in the world, i get and send them either by the Bureau and at

I'm member of local ARI Radio Club 

  Digital Modes memberships:

  - EPC Member: #3855 - IT13

  - DMC Member: #1239

  - 30MDG Member: #1063
  Main hf rig here:
  - Icom IC746
  - Rotary Beam Dipole for 10/15/20
  - Inv.V Dipole for 40
  - Inv.V Dipole for 30

My other call is N2HNG


My updated Log at

EPC - European Psk Club

DMC - Digital Mode Club

Updated 15.02.2015






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